MAAS 24 The Maas 24 is the boat of choice for many serious open water racers. It has won and set course records in most of the open water races in the United States since 1990. Faster and less stable than our Aero, this shell was designed specifically to be the fastest boat an experienced sculler could row in open water. Speed very close to that of a single scull makes the 24 ideal for flat water racers concerned with training regardless of water conditions. Advanced recreational scullers find the 24 an exciting and challenging next step. In all water conditions the Maas 24 provides immediate response to changes in technique. It rewards proficiency with exhilarating performance and for many of us, that is what sculling is all about. In November of 2017  the “Club Reinforced” option (extra carbon reinforcing in the decks around the cockpit) was made a standard feature on the boat. Specifications Length: 24′. Beam on deck: 20″. Beam at waterline: 14″ Weight fully rigged: 39 lbs, Carbon series; 36 lbs Maximum rower weight: 240 lbs Rigger: Wing style. Welded 6061 T6 aluminum tube construction. Adjustable for height and work through the pin. Elegant light and rigid Fin: Standard plastic — optional larger aluminum model aids in rough water tracking Self bailer: Optional, very useful for choppy conditions — a must for open water racing — suction type, 4oz Seat: Foam core fiberglass — this design is the best we’ve found for long distance rowing Foot Stretchers: Carbon fiber/fiberglass, cored construction, neoprene and Velcro straps — easily adjustable over a 7.5″ range — adjustable heel cup height Oarlocks: Adjustable for height, pitch and spread (155-165cm) Inspection port: 4″ diameter — an optional nylon bag for wallet, keys, etc. is available Hull and deck construction: Syntactic foam core fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced, vinyl ester resin, 4-6mil gel coat finish Positive flotation is provided by four air bags