Thiemann Equipment Slings


Atlanta Slings (for eights and fours - Special Order)

 Able to fold flat to less than 4 inches and weighing less than 5.5 lbs., the

"Atlanta" sling is built to survive the toughest conditions. Slings are built from

only high grade materials. Coxswains appreciate them because they are

easily carried 2 at a time. Boatmen and trailer drivers love them because

they maximize space.




Sydney Slings (For singles and doubles)

Extremely compact and light, a scaled down version of the "Atlanta" sling,

the "Sydney" sling is designed especially for singles and doubles. Weighing

less than 7 pounds per set, you can leave them in the trunk of your car until

your next row. Built to the same high standards of all Thiemann Equipment

products, the "Sydney" sling should offer you many years of enjoyment.