MAAS Rowing Shells


Maas Double (Available in white only *)


Winged Aero


Carbon Winged Aero


Maas 24


Carbon Fiber Maas 24


Flyweight 24


Carbon Fiber Flyweight 24


Maas Single (Available in white only *)



Self-Bailer (Not available on Maas Single)


Performance Package (Instead of Standard Package **)


Performance Seat, Only


Footstretcher, Only


Oarlock Set, Only


Large Fin


Medium Fin


Deposit:  A deposit of $2,000/1X, $4,000/2X is required to order a boat from the factory.  The deposit is

refundable until the time construction of the boat is started.  Upon start of construction, the deposit will no

longer be refundable.

Transportation:  Transportation based on mileage will be charged on deliveries beyond a 150 mile radius of

Redwood City, CA.  Call for a quote on transportation charges.

Concept 2 - Dreissigacker Racing Oars & Sculls


Ultralight Adjustable (282-287 cm) Smoothie2 with Vortex Edge


*Includes $30 shipping charge per set

Dreher Sculls


Fixed length, Macon or LBB 2000 (Hatchet)


Adjustable length, LBB 2000 (Hatchet), Apex, or Apex R (Lollipop)


Thiemann Equipment Slings and Tees


Atlanta Slings (For 8+ and 4+ special order)


 $400.00/3 pair*

Sydney Slings (For 1x and 2x)


$240.00/2 pair*

*Call or email for special pricing on larger quantities.

Prairie Rowing Clothing

Prairie Rowing Cap



The Sculler at Ease by Frank Cunningham



Sculling 101 by Brad Lewis