MAAS Rowing Shells


Maas Double (Available in white only *)


Winged Aero


Carbon Winged Aero


Maas 24


Carbon Fiber Maas 24


Flyweight 24


Carbon Fiber Flyweight 24


Maas Single (Available in white only *)



Self-Bailer (Not available on Maas Single)


Performance Footstretcher, Only  (Upgrade)


Performance Oarlock Set (Titanium pins), Only  (Upgrade)


Large Fin  (Upgrade)


Medium Fin  (Upgrade)


Deposit:  A deposit of $3,000/1X, $5,000/2X is required to order a boat from the factory.  The deposit is

refundable until the time construction of the boat is started.  Upon start of construction, the deposit will no

longer be refundable.

Transportation:  Transportation based on mileage will be charged according to your distance from our shop

in Arlington, WA.  Call for a quote.

Concept 2 - Dreissigacker Racing Oars & Sculls


Ultralight Adjustable (282-287 cm) Smoothie2 with Vortex Edge


*Includes $30 shipping charge per set

Burnham Boat Slings


Chesapeake Slings (For 1x and 2x)


Prairie Rowing Clothing

Prairie Rowing Cap



The Sculler at Ease by Frank Cunningham



Sculling 101 by Brad Lewis