Buying a boat can be a major undertaking.  It can involve research, comparison of products, price, and

service, transportation arrangements, set up and rigging, and after the sale support.  Because the buying

process can be this complex, we always recommend working with a local manufacturer, dealer, or

representative.  This, however, is not always an option, so many people have turned to the Internet to

select and buy boats.  Here are a few reasons why we think it makes sense to choose us to help you with

your Internet boat purchase.


EXPERIENCE:  Prairie Rowing owner Dave Lee has a lifetime of boating experience.  A sailor from

childhood and an oarsman since 1965, he offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.  He enjoys

rowing in both flat water and open water boats, and still competes in Masters  events.  He has first

hand experience rowing and racing in many builders' boats.

QUALITY & CONSULTATION:  We have chosen to represent companies that we feel offer the best

boats and equipment available in the industry.  We cannot, however, be all things to all people. 

When we feel we don't have what best meets your needs or budget, we will tell you so and

recommend products from other manufacturers that are better suited to your needs or constraints. 

Feel free to call us with your questions even if you think we may not have just what you're looking

for.  We might be able to tell you who does, and we really enjoy sharing our love of boats and

rowing.  Occasionally we can even provide test rows of boats while we're in your neighborhood on

one of our trips.

DELIVERY:  We personally deliver every boat we sell.  Since our start in 2001, we have sold over

300 Maas boats.  All but three of these boats have been transported and delivered by us.  We have

sold boats in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas,

Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio,

Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Since 2001, Dave Lee has logged over 827,000

miles delivering boats we sold and direct sales from manufacturers including Maas, Pocock, Drew

Harrison/WinTech, Edon Shells, and Easy Rider Kayak.  If there's no one locally to help you, we may

be in your neighborhood soon.

SET UP AND RIGGING:  We set up and rig every boat we sell.  We want you to be happy with your

purchase, have it fit you properly, and also give you a basic understanding of how to row, adjust, and

maintain your boat.  We hope you'll be rowing it for at least 20 years and think you deserve to start

right.  Having delivered many boats to customers who have never even seen the seller, we

understand the importance of having someone there with you to provide the service and instruction

you need, answer your questions, and share the joy of getting to know your new boat!

INSTRUCTION:  For customers new to rowing we always recommend taking lessons at a local

rowing club or on a vacation or weekend trip to a rowing center.  For most people a rowing shell is a

major purchase and you need to know that you're going to like it before writing a check for over

$5,000.  For very determined customers, we have arranged to provide lessons at the time of boat

delivery.  When time and conditions allow, we also love to take a row with you in your new boat.  All

of our customers receive a copy of Frank Cunningham's The Sculler at Ease, a great text for both

the novice and master oarsman.  We also sell Brad Lewis' Sculling 101 video.  These aids can help

develop your skills if you don't have access to local instruction.

AFTER SALE SERVICE:  We are extremely pleased with the quality of the products we offer, but

there are always questions that arise after the sale.  (You'd be surprised how many novices at least

once get the oarlocks turned the wrong way!)  We are always available by phone or e-mail to answer

your questions, provide advice or coaching, and help you find accessories, covers, car racks, and

other related equipment.