2018 Price List

MAAS Rowing Shells


Maas Double (Available in white only *)


Classic Aero


Carbon Classic Aero


Winged Aero


Carbon Winged Aero


Maas 24


Carbon Fiber Maas 24


Flyweight 24


Carbon Fiber Flyweight 24


Maas Single (Available in white only *)


Performance Package (Instead of Standard Package **)


Self-Bailer (Not available on Maas Single)


�� Seat, Only


�� Footstretcher, Only


�� Oarlock Set, Only


Ritchie Compass


Large Fin


Medium Fin


Club Reinforced Cockpit (adds 3 lbs.)


Colors other than white


Custom stripes and graphics

Custom Prices


Available Colors: A full palette of 40 colors is available.Call to request a color chart.

*  ��� A pinstripe of blue, red, or black is available on request at no additional cost.

**���� Includes carbon fiber seat and footstretcher, ball bearing wheels, and titanium oarlock pins.

Deposit:  A deposit of $2,000/1X, $4,000/2X is required to order a boat from the factory.  The deposit is refundable until the time construction of the boat is started.  Upon start of construction, the deposit will no longer be refundable.

Transportation:  Transportation charger based on mileage will be charged on deliveries beyond a 150 mile radius of Richmond, CA.  Call for a quote on transportation charges.

Concept 2 - Dreissigacker Racing Oars & Sculls


Ultralight Adjustable (282-287 cm) Smoothie2 with Vortex Edge


*Includes $30 shipping charge per set

Dreher Sculls


Fixed length, Macon or LBB 2000 (Hatchet)


Adjustable length, LBB 2000 (Hatchet), Apex, or Apex R (Lollipop)


Thiemann Equipment Slings and Tees


Atlanta Slings (For 8+ and 4+ � special order)


$400.00/3 pair*

Sydney Slings (For 1x and 2x)


$240.00/2 pair*

 �������������� *Call or email for special pricing on larger quantities.

Prairie Rowing Clothing


Short Sleeve Tee Shirt


Prairie Rowing Cap



The Sculler at Ease by Frank Cunningham



Sculling 101 by Brad Lewis

��������������������������� $25.00