The following boats are in stock in Redwood City available for immediate delivery or are available

from Maas stock within 72 hours.


Maas Winged Aero

Maas 24,

Maas Flyweight

Maas Double


2017 White Fiberglass Winged Aero

Delivered in June of 2017.  White fiberglass boat with black rigger, bow ball, large fin and

self-bailer.  Includes Concept 2 Ultralight Adjustable Bantam Sculls with Compact Blades,

Thiemann Sydney Slings, and two-wheeled dolly.  Rowed 15 times, always stored indoors,

like new condition.  Asking $4,900.  Current replacement cost is $6,450.  Contact owner:  Bill

Skaff, Frankfort, MI, (303) 720-2377,  Assistance arranging

transportation possible.