Tee Shirts


Prairie Rowing tee shirts are 100% heavy weight cotton. They are available in Gray or White in Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes.


Short Sleeve                                                                                     $14.00


















The Sculler at Ease by Frank Cunningham                              $17.95


This book is filled with wisdom and insights gained by the author from more than 50 years of coaching.


What you will find in this book:

Things to Learn Before Getting Into a Boat

The Everyday Skills of Boat Handling

Hitting Things

Unity of Boat and Crew

Common Fallacies, Misconceptions, Aberrations, and Delusions.






Sculling 101: Technique by Brad Lewis                                   $25.00


This DVD by Olympian Brad Lewis takes you through the entire stroke cycle using exemplars Linda Muri and Joe Bouscaren. Beautifully filmed on the Charles River in Boston.